We do It All

Site/Lot Assessment

  Where is the perfect site location? Will it fulfill my wants and needs of a stunning view or quiet location? Is the site large enough for the pool, play area or outdoor living space I always wanted? Together, we will look at your property to determine all of the possibilities. 

Architectural Planning

 Choose your own architect or partner with one of our skilled architects, add your own inspirations, and the possibilities are limitless. During the design phase, we will guide you through the architectural selection process assuring that your home will follow any required community or district guidelines. 


 We will initially provide you with target budget numbers and work within those parameters throughout the project. Strong relationships with reliable suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors in the local market will provide us with competitive pricing. 


 With your precise set of plans, your well-detailed interior specifications, and your intended budget, we are set to build your new custom home. 

Construction Schedule

 As part of your Construction Contract, you will receive a construction schedule. Throughout the construction process you will receive weekly emails and photo updates of the progression of the project. We will work thoroughly with you during the project giving advance notice for decisions and selections you will be able to make. Our strong relationships with local vendors and designers allow you to choose from a multitude of high quality products at affordable prices. 

Processes and Procedures to Expect

 We fully back our product and services working closely with you to make changes where necessary throughout the project. In crafting your new custom home we will use your plans or assist the development of a custom plan or modification to the project should the need arise. 

Service after the Sale

 In the first weeks of living in your new home, it is normal that you will find other items that may have been missed on the walk-thru or that need additional service, known as “punch list items”. We proudly stand behind our products and subcontractors. Should a correction arise, we will gladly work diligently to correct items in a timely manner. 

One-Year Builder Limited Warranty

  After the completion of the project, a full one year builder warranty protects your home or your other construction project on all workmanship and materials unless otherwise covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty